Ground Closures Grounds are closed by either Gosford City Council or individual clubs. Council inspects playing fields Monday to Friday and updates their status by 1pm. Council will often leave the decision to close or not on the weeknds to individual clubs and the clubs have strict guidelins to adhere to when making such decisions. If a club decides to close a field on the weekend, it must inform CCF by 6.30am and CCF immediately update their web page accordingly. The CCF website is the only source of information you should rely on. Clubs may not be in a position to immediately update their own websites or email or text teams so the CCF website will always be your best guide. Our website will be updated as soon as possible but we can’t guarantee it will be done immediately upon closure of the grounds. Check the CCF Website Ground Closures by Clicking HERE You can view the CCF Wet Weather Policy by clicking HERE
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