East Gosford Soccer Club was established in 1963 and was first known as the Dinosaurs. The Clubhouse: The clubhouse was previously located at the site of the recently removed Karribee ferry on the Gosford waterfront. We were given the building in 1972 on the condition it be taken away within 2 days. This was accomplished and the old house was erected in the position it occupies today. It was officially opened by Dr Feather who was instrumental in the formation of the club. Today: We currently have over 1000 registered players. This is more than four times the 286 players we had in 1994. We enjoy one of the highest participation rates of girls and women's teams in our association which has 23 member clubs totalling close to 14,000 players in 2017. We have players from under 5s through to over 45s (and a few a lot older than that!) We also boast a very successful senior club consisting of several all age teams for both men and women and a Premier League squad who have been very successful in recent years. Tomorrow: We are always striving for continual improvement in providing an avenue for our members to participate in our terrific sport at the grassroots level. We hope our efforts allow all of our players to reach their potential and either continue to play just for fun or go on to bigger and better things...  
1966 Alan Swindells* 1968 June Swindells* 1971 William Simson 1972 Dr R Feather* 1973 Eddie Craft 1976 Joan O'Connor 1977 John Fairweather 1978 George Thacker* 1979 Roger Smith 1980 Margaret Vickery 1981 Morrie Jordan
1987 Ernie Kostel 1988 Bill Mirfield 1989 Clarrie Kemister 1990 Alan Cain 1991 Phil Stewart* 1992 Diane George 1993 Shaye McIntosh 1994 Norman McIntosh 1995 Ray Maher 1996 Mary Ann Chammings 1998 Paul Woodcock
Our life members
1999 Randall Henstock* 2000 Craig Stewart 2001 Julie Kemister 2003 Matthew McCarthy 2006 Brett Wright 2008 Lauren Henstock 2009 Graeme Williams 2010 David Yeoman 2011 Karen Wright 2012 Graham Schmidt 2013 Stuart Wetherall
2014 Steve Gibbons 2015 Stewart McIntosh 2017 Judith McIntosh    
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Our association
Our parent association Central Coast Football was created in 1963 and the Dinosaurs as we were then known were a foundation member. More to comeā€¦..
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