2017 Gallery
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Central Coast Football club of the year 2010 and 2014
What on Earth are the boys doing playing for a Red and White team?? Beyhan, Mitch and Robbie were selected to play in the CCF North V South All Stars to celebrate Pluim Park’s 30th Birthday. Of course with 3 of our boys competing in the South team it was a given they were going to win! 2-0 the final score in a great exhibition game! Well done boys, now get back into your Greens!
Congratulations Beyhan and Robbie! Nick Montgomery has selected his squad! Coming off the back of the hugely successful North v South Premier League game - the combined All Stars have been selected to play against the Central Coast Mariners!  The game is scheduled for Wednesday 5th July at Pluim Park, and the CCF squad will be expertly coached by Monty himself.
Only family, the dedicated and the diehards ventured out on Sunday. It was Winter alright and blankets and brollies were the order of the day! Nice wins to WAA2, W13B, W15A both 1 and 2. MAA1, MAA2, MAA4-1 and many others.
Mariners Shoot Down All Stars The combined All Stars have been soundly defeated by the Central Coast Mariners! In front of an excellent crowd in great weather conditions the Mariners dominated in two 35 minute halves against two select 11s from Central Coast Football clubs. Given the Mariners have only just commencing pre-season preparations they should be very happy with the result.
Rudy the Ram and Harrington Entertainment were on board to ensure our annual Mini Roos end of season presentation was a great success!  Thanks kids and thanks mums, dads and carers for getting the children out into the great outdoors and participating in our wonderful game. Hope to see you all next year!
Hall of Fame 2017 Congratulations to all teams both Mini Roos and competition teams. Our exemplary sportsmanship was on dsipaly again this year and we thank you sincerely for upholding our reputation. A special mention to those teams who competed in the finals, congratulations and well done. league champions U13C, U14B, M16B-1, MAA5, MAA9-1 Premiers U13C, U14B, M16B, MAA9 Grand Finalists U12E, W13B, W15B, M16A, MAA4, M35C BPL Thirds, WAA1 Finalists M15B, WAA4, M35ES, MAA7, BPL Reserves, MAA1
Gala Day
Our annual Under 8s gala day was a ripper. Teams came from as far away as Thornleigh, the weather was terrific and there was plenty of action. Congratulations everyone for great competition and excellent sportsmanship!
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